Hopscotch Music Festival is proud to announce the inclusion of Minus Sound Research¡ªthe multidisciplinary show that puts visual art by people best known as musicians into the spotlight¡ªfor Hopscotch 2012. Now in its seventh year, MSR will run from Sept. 1¨C29 at Rebus Works, the boundary-breaking art gallery located in Boylan Heights. This will be Minus Sound Research¡¯s debut in Raleigh.

¡°Hopscotch itself focuses on putting the best mix of bands in the most appropriate clubs for three days. We¡¯re very driven by music,¡± says Hopscotch Co-Director Grayson Currin. ¡°Minus Sound Research has always used music as a starting point to explore the various ways one artist can work. We¡¯re excited to let them expand our reach just a bit.¡±

Musicians and visual artists themselves, Maria Albani and John Harrison founded Minus Sound Research as a way for those best known for making sounds to reconnect another side of their creativity with an established audience. In the last several years, they¡¯ve featured art by Merge Records and Superchunk co-founders Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan, Dexter Romweber, Les Savy Fav¡¯s Harrison Haynes, The Love Language¡¯s Missy Thangs and dozens more. This year, they¡¯re even including artists from beyond North Carolina.

¡°MSR is honored to be part of Hopscotch,¡± Albani explains. ¡°In celebration of this partnership, for the first time, MSR will be featuring artists from outside of North Carolina, along with locals from our vibrant community. We are proud and excited to have a convergence of creative energy brought to Raleigh, and appreciate the opportunity to participate in the festivities.¡±

The artists for Minus Sound Research 7 at Hopscotch Music Festival 2012 are:
Jad Fair (Half Japanese)
Patrick Jeffords (Toro y Moi)
Annie Chu (Organos)
Chris Millstein (Psychic Ills)
Maria Albani (Organos)
Vince Carmody (Strange)
John Harrison (North Elementary)
Todd Emmert (Inspector 22)

Rebus Works will host an opening party on Sept. 8, beginning at noon. Rebus Works is located at 301 Kinsey Street, Raleigh, N.C. Tickets for the 2012 Hopscotch Music Festival are now on sale at

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