“Well, we’ll just put on an art show sorta like we do a rock show.”
-Maria and John

Isn’t it maddening that the same technologies that have made the world conveniently miniscule have also made it frighteningly vast? With clicks of a few keys, you can move a trunk of information from one point to most any other before you might take your next breath. Mankind’s collective knowledge is now instantly accessible and transferable. This, of course, gets overwhelming: There’s simply too much for anyone to know it all, a weakness that is inevitably frustrating. So people race to their bunkers with their own ideas and opinions, doing what they do the best they can and peering out only for a bit of validation.

Over the last eight years, then, Minus Sound Research has come to represent more than an annual art show composed of visual art made by musicians, plainly tacked onto gallery walls or hoisted onto platforms. Rather, it’s become a bold interdisciplinary statement, where people known mostly from one vantage—Superchunk’s Laura Ballance, with her indefatigable bass-playing pogo, or Phon’s Drew Roberton, with his patchwork of tabletop electronics—insist that they’re not limited simply by how we’ve known them. It’s an invaluable lesson, a reassurance that the only hurdle separating you from your individual renaissance is your own action.

Minus Sound Research remains a selfless expense of time, money, enthusiasm, energy, and ideas from its co-founders and co-directors Maria Albani and John Harrison—artists, musicians, laborers, and, now, experienced curators, facilitators, and promoters. Both for the dozens of thinkers they’ve gathered for the series and, by inspiring example, for the rest of us, they’ve shown us that there’s only so much you can’t do. — Grayson Currin (Music Editor Independent Weekly, Curator Hopscotch Music Festival, Staff Writer Pitchfork Media)

New Artists:
Theresa Stone (Boykiller)
Kim Ware (The Good Graces)
Caitlin Cary (Tres Chicas)
Scott Myers (Kingsbury Manx)
Jess Edison (Once and Future Kings)
Clarque Blomquist (Waumiss)
Maria Albani (Organos)
John Harrison (Jphono1)

Visit the rest of  the MSR Family!

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