Hopscotch Music Festival is proud to announce the inclusion of Minus Sound Research—the multidisciplinary show that puts visual art by people best known as musicians into the spotlight—for Hopscotch 2012. Now in its seventh year, MSR will run from Sept. 1–29 at Rebus Works, the boundary-breaking art gallery located in Boylan Heights. This will be Minus Sound Research’s debut in Raleigh.

“Hopscotch itself focuses on putting the best mix of bands in the most appropriate clubs for three days. We’re very driven by music,” says Hopscotch Co-Director Grayson Currin. “Minus Sound Research has always used music as a starting point to explore the various ways one artist can work. We’re excited to let them expand our reach just a bit.”

Musicians and visual artists themselves, Maria Albani and John Harrison founded Minus Sound Research as a way for those best known for making sounds to reconnect another side of their creativity with an established audience. In the last several years, they’ve featured art by Merge Records and Superchunk co-founders Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan, Dexter Romweber, Les Savy Fav’s Harrison Haynes, The Love Language’s Missy Thangs and dozens more. This year, they’re even including artists from beyond North Carolina.

“MSR is honored to be part of Hopscotch,” Albani explains. “In celebration of this partnership, for the first time, MSR will be featuring artists from outside of North Carolina, along with locals from our vibrant community. We are proud and excited to have a convergence of creative energy brought to Raleigh, and appreciate the opportunity to participate in the festivities.”

The artists for Minus Sound Research 7 at Hopscotch Music Festival 2012 are:
Jad Fair (Half Japanese)
Patrick Jeffords (Toro y Moi)
Annie Chu (Organos)
Chris Millstein (Psychic Ills)
Maria Albani (Organos)
Vince Carmody (Strange)
John Harrison (North Elementary)
Todd Emmert (Inspector 22)

Rebus Works will host an opening party on Sept. 8, beginning at noon. Rebus Works is located at 301 Kinsey Street, Raleigh, N.C. Tickets for the 2012 Hopscotch Music Festival are now on sale at


Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate MSR6!  Cheers!

MSR6 Poster is Here!

Created by the talented Regina McCoy


Fall 2011 brings you MSR6!

This October we are having the show at Motorco Music Hall in Durham NC. The free opening reception is Friday October 7th from 6-9p with music provided by Inspector 22 and Birds and Arrows!  (Join our FB Event Page!)

Following the reception there will be an MSR sponsored late show in the Main Room at Motorco Music Hall with Organos (930p), Free Electric State (1030p) and Pipe (1130p)!
– $6 cover –

This years artist are:

Harrison Haynes (Les Savy Fav) – Harrison Haynes is an artist and musician based in Durham, NC. He is the drummer for the band Les Savy Fad and an MFA candidate at Bard College. His work is featured in ‘The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl’ which is on view at the ICA Boston through September 15.

Dexter Romweber (Flat Duo Jets) – ”I started painting after watching the van Gogh movie ”lust for life”from 1956.being a musician I thought it was what in artistic life should be. But now I know be careful what you choose. But I kept painting anyway.”

Justin Blatt (Shit Horse) – I’ve been working with metal for thirteen years now. It all started with the idea that I could support my music with my art or vice-versa. I received my formal welding training at Clearwater PTEC (Pinellas Technical Education Center) located in Clearwater, Florida. I feel that I finally have begun to forge the bond between music and steel in last couple of years. The harmony of the grinder and the drone of my welder sooth me as much as my favorite albums do.

Missy Thangs (Love Language) – Performer, Neanderer, Gypsie & Artist, Missy Thangs was born in Atlanta in May 1980. Thangs moved to Asheville, North Carolina for college in 1998 and has resided in the state since. Currently, Thangs lives in the Triangle. Thangs tours full time with The Love Language; and concentrates on song-writing and arrangement for musical side projects, Soft Company and Chalet Fir, in her free time. Both side projects have albums to be released in 2011. Alongside music, Thangs enjoys experiments in visual arts.  This fall, her piece will be a social art piece on women’s response to the word “rock.”  There will be a visual and audio component.

Andy Herod (Electric Owls) – I’m an artist and a musician currently living Asheville North Carolina. I make pen and ink drawings probably because I’m floored by sharp positive and negative space and pattern. Recently I’ve thrown myself into print making and have found a medium that compliments my love of drawing by adding the ability to turn these intricate pieces into paintings onto surfaces such as wood and mixed media treated paper. It’s all kind of new to me which puts me n a place I I find both exciting and scary, which is exactly where I like to be.

Pete Conolly (Birds and Arrows) – Pete Connolly of BIRDS and ARROWS has been a visual artists on and off professionally for the last 25 years. He began his career doing illustrations for The Connolly Tarot Deck and went on to create the Feng Shui Tarot Deck ten years later. Pete has been involved in many gallery and museum shows over the years, winning many awards. These days, music is Pete’s primary focus but is still very active with his art, contributing his talents to all BIRDS and ARROWS art.

Maria Albani (Organos) – (Co-creator/Co-curator of Minus Sound Research) graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in printmaking. Born in Long Island, NY and raised in Florida, Albani relocated to Chapel Hill, NC in 1997 and now currently resides in Durham, NC. Albani has been part of the Triangle music scene since 2000, having played in Pleasant, Tennis and the Mennonites, Un Deux Trois, and now currently with Schooner and Organos. Albani has a love of bright colors, imaginary creatures, and peculiar scenery.

John Harrison (North Elementary) – (Co-creator/Co-curator of Minus Sound Research) was born and raised in North Carolina. Along with creating music for two decades in the North Carolina music community John has been making visual art via acrylic, house and spray paint. These paints are most often used in tandem with screen printing……usually on found objects such as wood, plastic, canvas or glass.



7 – Free Show from Inspector 22 and Birds and Arrows at the reception (6-9p)

The the big ol bad ROCK SHOW!

930 – Organos

1030 – Free Electric State

1130 – Pipe


also featuring throughout the evening:

“We Are Almost Positive”
A Live Installation by
Ginger Wagg


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Minus Sound Research 6!

2011 brings you MSR6!  This October and November we are having the show at Motorco in Durham NC.
This years confirmed artists are:

Dexter Romweber (Flat Duo Jets)
Justin Blatt (Shit Horse)
Missy Thangs (Love Language)
Maria Albani (Organos)
John Harrison (North Elementary)
Andy Herod (Electric Owls)
Pete Conolly (Birds and Arrows)

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